Closing my Selling order with Profit / #52 Profits row


Closing my Selling order with Profit / #52 Profits row



As discussed throughout my morning's commentary: "My position: My #2,335.80 re-Sell order triggered #10-point Stop-loss as I took the Risk and held the order over-night. As explained, Gold could aggressively fill both Support or Resistance zone however these are Fundamentally driven sessions where Gold is soaring without any signs of stopping and Trading such sessions brings huge dose of Risk as Gold might continue soaring all the way towards #2,400.80 benchmark, or aggressively lose value which is disastrous for one's capital. Even though it is Friday's session and Gold could extend the relief rally (besides critically Bearish Technicals), I repeat these are Fundamentally driven sessions and Selling such motions is very dangerous. However since I do expect equally strong decline to correct current Inflated Prices on Gold, I engaged Selling order on #2,367.80 with now Stop on breakeven with #2,327.80 as my first / optimal Target. If this fails, I will take no more orders and monitor the Price-action fluctuation from sidelines towards market closing. Once again Technical proper trend is distorted by Fundamentals. Patience is required."

Aggressive Selling correction to Inflated Gold's Price came as no surprise as I closed my Selling order with excellent Profit (#2,367.80 - #2,335.80) on a fine #32 point run extending my results range to #52 Profits and #12 Stop-loss hits regarding December - June cycle. I will use this chance to congratulate Traders who followed my re-Sell calls as they can take early weekend break, well done!